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The Shilla Dynasty's culture is based on Buddhism and ruins from this period are found in the ancient capital. Kyongju and the surrounding mountains. Mt Nam, Mt Toham and Mt Ham-wol.
Golgulsa (Stone Buddha Temple) located 20 km east of Kyongju, treasures the oldest historical Buddhist ruins in Mt Hamwol and the only cave temple in Korea. The temple was built out of solid rock during the 6th century by Saint Kwang Yoo and his companions, Buddhist monks from India. This temple contains a sculptured Maya Tathagata Buddha and twelve rock caves.
This locally use prayer sanctuary and birth place of spiritual culture has been eroding due to its inaccessibility. Recently ex-Master Monk of Kirimsa (Kirim Temple), Seol Jeok Woon, constructed a road and renovated and developed the temple. Now, the temple offers peace of mind to all Buddhists.

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Professor of Dong-Guk University Abbot of Golgul Temple, Buddhist Chogye Ordre Grand Master of Sonmudo, Buddhist Martial Art, International Dharma Instructor of Buddhism.

mt.304 Andong-Ri, Yangbuk-myon, Kyungju-Si, Kyungbuk, S.KOREA
tel: 0561 / 744-1689
fax: 0561 / 746-0172
handphon: 011-763-1690

DIAPORAMA (images gallery) : une série
de photos pour découvrir le sonmudo.

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There are two types of Buddhist teachings, exoteric and esoteric.
Sonmudo (Zen Martial Arts), a training method in the form of esoteric Buddhism, has been secretly handed-down through the centuries. The training materializes and eight-fold path developed within four noble truths into a series of body movements. Sonmudo is a way to attain enlightenment through harmonizing the body, mind and breath. By purifying and harmonizing the three parts of karma-body, speech and thought this training enables one to accomplish samadhi and ultimately nirvana. This training method consists of calming yoga, chakra breathing, health exercise, dynamic martial art and weapon techniques. One can attain a peaceful mind and body through the harmonization of dynamic but calm movement and rech the state of emancipation.
Kumkang Banyawon offers an opportunity for teens and adults to train and develop a healthy physical education program and ultimately improves a social sport culture. The training should enhance a Buddhist's faith and the energy obtained through this training will offer a wholesome motive to purify society.